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SWDC, Inc. Published in Graphic Design Concepts PLUS

Siegel Web Development & Consulting, Inc. Published in Graphic Design Concepts PLUS

"...I would like to express my deep appreciation to Solomon Siegel of Siegel Web Development & Consulting, Inc. for providing most of the website designs shown on the pages in Part Three, Creating Websites. These innovative designs are included in the portfolio found on Solomon's website,"

SWDC, Inc. was published in "Graphic Design Concepts... PLUS" in 2007. This is a textbook for students & professors throughout the country.

General Information:
The desktop publisher's guide to designing professional logos, business stationery, advertisements, business forms, documents, presentations, multi-page publications, newsletters, and "cash cow" websites.

The development of affordable desktop publishing software has given people advanced design tools without giving them advanced design skills.

One of the consequences is an avalanche of poorly-designed documents created by armies of desktop publishers with little or no graphic design training. Having access to desktop software doesn't automatically guarantee a good design. You can buy a Stradivarius, but it doesn't make you a concert violinist ... you get the idea.

What the desktop publisher needs is a working knowledge of graphic design concepts to supplement the desktop software tools. This book provides the graphic design concepts, that in concert with desktop publishing tools, will foster the creation of professional graphic designs.

The concepts taught in this book will not become obsolete when the current desktop software becomes obsolete. The book contains time-tested design fundamentals and step-by-step design procedures for a variety of documents and websites. The result, I believe, is an easy to understand and supportive book that will help you with your graphic designs.

-- Marvin Jacobs, CFSP

Marvin Jacobs, CFSP is the president of Ameritype, a graphic design and typesetting corporation in Cleveland, Ohio. Ameritype has served hundreds of clients including the Coca-Cola Company, Eastman Kodak, TRW, Inc. and Subway Restaurants.

Mr. Jacobs has presented more than 300 graphic arts seminars throughout the United States and in London. Topic covered in these presentations include graphic design, forms design, and website design.

He is a Certified Forms Systems Professional (CFSP), a certification awarded by the Business Forms Management Association (BFMA). He has served on the BFMA Board of Directors and is the recipient of the Jo Warner Award, BFMA's highest honor.

He is also the president of Words and Pictures Publishing.

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