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If you do not have a branding system for your products and services, you should. We can develop brand icons, logos, naming conventions, product and service extensions, and brand awareness for you quickly & efficiently. This will help you drive your brand awareness campaigns when creating opportunity for the sales function. Siegel Web Development & Consulting, Inc. (SWDC) specializes in logo development and corporate branding.

We believe brand identity requires speaking to the target with one voice - consistently. To achieve this, we can analyze all points of contact your target has with your brand to ensure all communications are integrated and have the same brand message, look, feel, personality, and tone. We refer to this methodology as building total brand identity.

Branding campaigns we’ve managed for businesses include creating a clearly defined branding system for the company, products, and services, creative icons and logos, allowing for product extensions under one brand umbrella, supportive collateral: brochures and sales sheets, and corporate sites. Contact us today for more information! Click here to view our online portfolio.

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